Canon Lens Mug - I want it! Who wants to buy me one?

Published Tuesday, August 3, 2010 1:09 PM

I'm sure you have seen the Nikon Thermos and even prehaps the Canon thermos that was given out at the Olympics as a promotional item. If not you should check them out they are pretty neat. For people who just want a cup of coffee in an interesting mug that show those around you your love for photography and your geekyness then this is the mug for you.

The Canon lens themos, if I'm not mistaken, is no longer available for purchase online. So this is your chance to get your hands on your very own Canon Lens Mug. I saw that someone started making the Nikon ones, but I have always been a fan of Canon. I was glad to see someone selling a newer looking Canon lens mug and I got to have one. 

The mug looks just like a Canon 24-105mm lens and has a lens-cap, which is the lid and the focus and zoom rings are actually rubber grips. It even has a auto-focus switch that actually works. HAHA nice. I want one! Who wants to buy it for me?

Canon Lens Mug
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