Ice Straws - Chill your beverage while drinking it!

Published Wednesday, June 30, 2010 1:01 PM

This is perhaps the most creative use of ice I have ever seen. Why not have a straw made of ice? Sure it's going to melt eventually, but if you are making a cocktail or some other fancy beverage these ice straws from thinkgeek are just the thing to spice it up. The ice try is made out of silicone and makes six 8 inch straws.

Don't forget that you can use whatever liquid you want to make your straws. So you could use plain water or something more exciting like lemonade or a fruit juice. Also alcohol doesn't freeze well, so you might want to stick to pretty much any other liquid. Next time you make a cocktail or fancy fruit drink or smoothie try garnishing it with a flavored ice straw.
You can get your very own ice straw tray for only $7.99.

Ice Straws
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