Glowing Bocce Ball Set

Published Tuesday, May 18, 2010 2:10 PM

Have you ever played bocce ball? Well just in case you haven't it's kind of like horse shoes but with balls. You throw a little white ball and each of the players have to try and get their ball the closest to the white ball as possible. You get points of you are the closest and more points if you are the first and second closest. It's a fun game but you can't play at night for obvious reasons, you can't see the ball!

Enter in the illuminated bocce ball set! They are regulation size made out of hard plastic so they are not quite as heavy as regulation bocce balls are. Each ball has a switch that allows you to turn the LED inside on and off. You can even make the balls flash instead of being constantly on which might make for an interesting game. The set also comes with a measuring string and nylon case for the balls.

Lighted Bocce Ball Set

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