Drivemocion - LED car sign

Published Tuesday, February 23, 2010 1:10 PM

I'm sure if you have been driving for longer that 10 minutes you have wanted to tell off the person behind you as they follow too closely. You know there have been times you have cut someone off and wanted to apologize for making them slam on their brakes. Road rage is something I think everyone deals with at some point but wouldn't it be nice to have a sign that can express your feelings with an expression or a short message. With the Drivemocion EX Series LED car sign you can let the person behind you know exactly how you feel. Whether or not you're telling them you're sorry or telling them to get off your bumper they will know what you're feeling. The LED sign has a remote so you can change the signs message with a push of a button. You have 16 messages to help express yourself including:

  • Help (for emergencies)
  • Sorry (when you accidentally cut someone off)
  • Back off (for tailgaters)
  • Slow down (it's not NASCAR, people!)
  • Thanks (to those who let you merge)
  • Goodbye (before you pull out your shotgun and go all road rage)
  • Have a nice day (if you're a nice person)
  • Numerous facial expressions to cover the gamut of road emotions
Drivemocion EX Series LED Car Sign VIA ThinkGeek
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