Nerdy Mittens for Those Cold Days on the Computer

Published Thursday, January 28, 2010 3:37 PM



 Do you ever sit outside on a cold day and regret your decision while your fingers feel like they are about to freeze off while typing on your computer? Well now you can keep your fingers and hand warm in style with these Nerdy Mitten. Made from cashmere/merino wool these handmade and hand-embroidered gloves feature a nerd glasses smiley and on the other the word nerd just in case someone didn't get the first glove. However if you go to MouthyMitt's Etsy store you can request a color and faces or text to be featured on your warm gloves. You can get your own for $26.00 which is not a bad deal in my opinion. 

 $26 Nerd Mittens @ Etsy

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