Where to get Cool Gadgets on the Cheap

Published Monday, September 28, 2009 3:16 PM

 So I don't normally do this but I recently found a cool website called budgetgadgets.com. Say what you want about the site, but they offer some pretty cool items and everything is pretty cheap. You can get decent quality tech type items on the cheap. Some of the items even have free shipping which is awesome. They are a China whole seller, which can be scary to purchase stuff from, but this website can deliver great cheap products for the techy on a budget. They are not going to scam you and not send you your stuff. They are a legitimate company selling cool stuff for less.  I bought two items from the people over at Budget Gadgets. The first was a billiard ball lighter for $3.25 which works great and is a great novelty lighter. They have tons of cool lighters for sell for cheap. The second thing I got was a cool skype phone that was only $11 bucks. It works great and functions just like you think it should. It's light weight and is great for travel.


$11 Skype Phone

$3.25 - Billiard Lighter


Also I found a coupon code WM5OFF2 that you can get you %5 off your order. Doesn't sound like much but the items are already cheap and if you are buying a lot of stuff in bulk it might add up.

I'm not the only one that thinks this website is cool CrunchGear seems to like it too. 

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