iphone Gorillapod – An affordable iPhone mount and Tripod Solution

Published Monday, August 3, 2009 2:42 PM


People have been making their own iphone tripods and mounts for a while now. There are some that have come out that seem a bit extreme for a casual tripod mount for your iphone. Well the solution is that Grillapod mount.

Gorillapod makes tripods with bendable and moldable legs. I have owned one of these with the standard mounting screw and it worked great. The iphone version can be mounted in two ways. You can either use the suction cup bracket to mount it to the phone or use an adhesive mounting system. Both I’m sure would work great as an affordable iphone mount solution. You could probable get a second hard case for your iphone if you want to use the adhesive mounting system that way you would have to have the mount on your everyday case.

This is a great iphone tripod solution go check out the gorillapod at their website.

$30 @ Gorillapod
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