Creative Camera Mounts

Published Friday, July 31, 2009 3:16 PM

I am a fan of taking pictures in interesting ways. I love laying on the ground and getting a different perspective of. What better way to get great interesting shots then with camera mounts that allow you to stick your camera on anything and anywhere.

The Monsterpod is a camera mount that sticks to just about anything. It has a washable stick surface on the bottom of the mount that allows you to get that unusual shot from just about anywhere. Forget about asking someone to hold your camera to take a group shot this thing sticks to everything take it yourself. Not only is the bottom sticky but the base is also moldable to fit any surface shape.

Cool mount number 2 is a bottle cap mount. This is a great idea for people on the go. I know I always have a bottle of water around which is perfect for this mount that slips right on top of the existing bottle cap.

Monstermount $30 @ 

Bottle Cap Mount $10 @

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