Chocoshuffle shuffle Case and the ThumbTacks Mini-Mic

Published Monday, April 27, 2009 5:41 PM

Oh That Looks Yummy!


 This is a little rubber cover for the new iPod Shuffle that looks like a bar of chocolate. I have to admit that I posted this one just because it looked yummy. I think it’s a great idea and would be a great case option for the new iPod shuffle. You could also go and checkout some of there other stuff they have on their website, Like this microphone for the iPod touch or Nano. It looks like a pushpin but it’s really a mini microphone for recording voice memos or placing skype calls.

Shuffle Case - 8.99 @ SwitchEasy Via Geeky Gadgets

Mini-Mic 12.99 @ SwitchEasy   

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