How to Promote your Blog and Increase Traffic using Stumbleupon!

Published Tuesday, January 20, 2009 3:53 PM

I thought I would share how to increase the amount of traffic on your blog with the rest of the blogging community here at Blogiversity. One of the tools that I have found to be pretty powerful is StumbleUpon. StumbleUpon is a social networking site where you can find interesting webpages to view with a click of a button. when you get an account with StumbleUpon it's best to download the toolbar it makes stumbling new sites easy and makes sending pages to friends easy as well. I know another toolbar to crowd your browser but keep your chin up it's worth it. 

Okay so how do you get people to look at your posts on using StumbleUpon? Well you have to make friends and share your pages with them. This is a routine that I get into that seems to drive traffic pretty well. I will go onto stumble and find people who like the same kind of things that I'll stumbling. If I like computers I'll go to the computer section and find friends there. These ensures that the stuff you send them they are going to like. Once you get some friends you can start sending them web pages using the toolbar. You can ask them to rate it and review it and if they do it gains popularity and more and more people see it. Try always to be nice and don't spam your friends too much. When people send you pages make sure that you rate and review them that way they will like having you as a friend. StumbleUpon will ban your account from a URL if you stumble it too much to don't stumble any URL more that 5 times in a week. That means you can't stumble more than 5 blog posts in a week or you might get banned. I found a little video for you to maybe explain the baisics to you.


So if you go to stumbleUpon and make new friends everyday and you write interesting content that people are going to want to read then when you send it to them they like it and will make it popular. You can generate a lot of traffic using StumbleUpon on other sites I have had more than 35,000 views to a single post from StumbleUpon. Go get em :)

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