Five by Five (Foods!)

Posted Thursday, March 27, 2008 5:29 PM by Romo

At work yesterday I was mentioning how it seems that blog posts about food are really popular, even though, to some of us (me! me!) this doesn't sound like the most captivating topic. But then I left the office and had dinner with friends and realized the dinner table conversation kept circling back around to food, and it was not because the conversation was bland or unisnspired--it was because we were all fascinated with one another's thoughts and opinions on the topic. Somewhere along the line this got me to thinking about how many of the social events in my life are food-oriented (basically, if it isn't Frisbee, croquet, music-oriented or Scrabble, then it's food). And that's when I realized maybe it is more interesting--even to me!-- than I first considered.

So in the spirit of this new revelation, I present you with "Five Foods I Eat at Least Five Times a Week." NB: Controversial though it may be, beverages are totally foods in my book.

1. Coffee! With cream n sugar or with one or the other or with neither. I especially love it on the weekend on the back deck on a sunny morning!

2. Brown rice. Can't seem to tire of this one, and not only that, I even crave it when I don't eat it for a while. Is this in part because my mom made me eat it as a child? Who can say for sure, but I think it might be.

3. Greens. I like the kind that improve with cooking, like collards, turnip greens, kale... I also like the versatile kinds that do well cooked or fresh, like arugala, dandelion greens, spinach... And then there's the type I hope I never have to eat cooked, like lettuce. I love pretty much any and all of them.

4. Legumes. My diet might be about as close as you can get to being vegetarian without actually being vegetarian, so beans are a big hit with me. My favorite are red beans cooked with tomatos, garlic, a modest blend of "italian" type spices and cayenne.

5. Cheese. Except processed varieties ala American or Velveeta. Lately I've been into white sharp "Vermont style" cheddar.

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