Day 10: A Day No Words Were Written & Why I Want Nothing to Do With Publishing

Published Thursday, June 20, 2013 3:39 PM
Gratuitously long title anyone?

After an exceptionally long wednesday (though it will be the norm for the next month) I had the hardest time waking up this morning, whatever that superlative compares to I don't know. I got here at USF about an hour later than normal and though that would have left me still two hours to write I elected to instead work on the 90 minute presentation I will be making on monday. I doubt I will be doing much writing (and very much doubt there will be blogging) over the weekend. However, I hope to spend the Monday morning before my presentation easing my mind before the big day and getting back on schedule with the book by enjoying a nice block of writing time. Yes, it's sad to be away from the novel (and very subtly stressful in its own as I've said several times that the third draft NEEDS to happen this summer). But the good news is that I know pretty much everything I'm doing for my presentation with a very detailed plan; I just need to put it all into a presentation.

Which brings me to my second point: I want nothing to do with publishing. In High School, I thought my propensity for writing and storytelling would lead to screenwriting and I would major in film. I quickly realized at my FSU orientation after hanging out with some prospective film students that I wanted nothing to do with them because their interests were completely different from mine. All they could talk about was what camera they used or what editing software they preferred. My response: who gives a ***? Let's talk about what the film says! And then I majored Creative Writing (and minored in Philosophy). Today, this realization is reaffirmed. I planned out this whole huge lesson that I think is really dope and now I'm faced with the task of "publishing." I care that it looks nice, but very much do not enjoy taking the time to pretty it all up. I'm tempted to throw it all onto base, black writing on white slides, but I do care that it looks professional. Bleh.

This is why I like writing. It's all about the words and the story. Let the readers make their own pictures. In their minds.
by DMI
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