Pinky Problems

Published Friday, April 23, 2010 10:23 AM
i ment to post yesterdy when i finished the twentieth chpter of the book (during which i crossed the threshold of 100 thousnd words, hoory) but i'm hving some typing problems. if you're wondering why my typing seems strnge nd lcking the first letter of the lphbet, it's becuse ll this typing hs mde my left pinky hurt. wierd i know. though i continue to use it while i work, (my book doesn't look like this) i decided to give it   rest when it comes to "non-essentil" writing. t first it seemed odd tht my left pinky of ll fingers would hve problems, only covering three letters, two of which ren't used too often, until i relied tht i exculsively use the left shift key, hence no cpitl letters in this blog. where my left pinky is exhusted, my right is wek. even sking it nicely to ese on over nd tp the right shift key is n ordel. it just doesn't wnt to bend tht wy. wht i need re some tiny brbells for it or some smll pendge yog. i've got two hnds so tht if one fils the other will crry the slck. it's not the left one, the hurt one, tht i'm disppointed in, it's the right one. uite shmed of tht one. incpble of ccomplishing   simple tsk while its comptriot eight fingers wy my be suffering from erly crpl tunnel.

until next time, i'm eric nd i'm n unpublished uthor.

38 dys to dedline, 20 chpters complete
by DMI
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