A tiny message in the middle of a busy life

Published Monday, November 2, 2009 9:32 AM

I've always kept news of my daily life out of this blog simply because that is not the purpose of this venue. However, to briefly explain my absence, I got married about a month ago and since then have been very busy getting settled in with my new wife, doing everything from moving into a new place to job hunting and everything in between. As the dust clears and I begin to pursue my writing again, I plan on using this blog as I had in the past, as a way to journal my progress and motivate myself to write write write! I mean, what will my readers think if I've been slacking off?

With that said, an e-mail was sent to me on the day before my wedding that I didn't read for more than a week because of that whole honeymoon thing. It said, simply, this:

Your story has been accepted for web publication by 365 Tomorrows. It will appear on the www.365tomorrows.com front page and will be archived within the site under the name you submitted with it. Thank you for your submission, and we hope that you contribute to 365 again in the future.

So, I'm published. Ta-da! If you want to read my story, go to 365tomorrows.com, click on the Archives button and scroll down to October 4th (getting close to the bottom of the first page of the archives now). Its called "Why I Hate the Colonists." Now, what does this mean for me? Besides a much needed morale boost and the chance to say on cover letters that my fiction has been featured somewhere, not much. I hope to use this a stepping stone to greater things (paying things). However, I am proud. Very damn proud. I will continue to blog as "Eric: Unpublished" until I'm payed for my writing, though I don't really say I haven't been published anymore. With nonfiction featured in several regional magazines and now a fiction story online, I feel like this writing thing is starting to get some legs beneath it.

Until next time kids, I'm Eric.

by DMI
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