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"i have one word for you. plastics."

i have four words for you. "the graduate was wrong." 

anyway, writer lady commented on my plastic diet! that's because she likes to be green, just like i like to be green.

here, i will share a specific strategy i use in the doing the no-more-plastic-grocery-sacks thing. 


okay, i store several reusable shopping bags in the car behind the seat! then when i get to the store, they're already there. when i bring them in the house full of stuff, i promptly (so not so promptly sometimes) unload them. then? i take the empty bag(s) and hang it (them) on the peg behind the front door where i see it (them) on my way out the door. the next time i leave the house and go to my car, i take it (them) with me.

this works for me in part, i'm sure, because i like everything to have a place in my house, and i like to keep stuff in its designated place. i can see where this alone would not help in some people's homes.

but. another reason it works--it's part of a habit. they say it takes about 21 times in a row doing something a new way to make it a habit. if you do the grocery shopping once a week, it could take half a year of doing this consistently to get this to be a habit. but even if you find yourself doing this only part of the time, don't give up! every time you remember to put this strategy into action you are doing something positive for the environment! and every time you remember to do it, you are reinforcing an emerging green habit.

Published Friday, April 11, 2008 10:31 AM by emcee christmas
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