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first friday in april (planning ahead for)

this just in: krank it up (railroad square art park's bike co-op) will host bike-in movies at april's first friday event, featuring (what else?) film shorts related to cycling.

bike-in movies were first introduced to me in denver when my bff began hosting bike-in events in the alley/parking lot behind our favorite book store. since then i've had the pleasure of riding to a handful of bike-in movies around portland, but i think this one will be extra-special to me since it's my first in tallahassee--a town not exactly recognized for it's bike community (unlike the bike mecca that is portland, and also unlike denver where bikes, while not outright ruling the streets, are still recognized as a legitimate from of transport).

for those who've never encountered a bike-in movie before, think "drive-in movie minus the cars and substitute a pile of bikes and picnic blankets."

Published Friday, March 21, 2008 3:21 PM by emcee christmas
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