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i had such high hopes for getting this blog up and running, but I've been unexpectedly busy these last several days and this whole project got put on hold. before this week is done I plan to write about the two movies I saw in the theater during the last week--El Orfanto and Juno. thoroughly enjoyed both, and the popcorn too! 

here's a quick "heads up" about the current photography exhibit at the mary brogan museum of art and science here in tallahassee. The last day to view "the architect's brother" by parkeharrison is febuary 3rd. using photography, negative printing, pen and pencil, plus probably a few other techniques, the husband-wife team have created a 40-plus piece series that addresses issues of environmental degradation and the role we, as humans, can and do play in using, depleting, and occasionally restoring natural resources. the images include huge props built by the artists, a distinctive "everyman" character (played by mr. parkeharrrison), and a range of natural settings from new mexico deserts to the landscapes of wisconsin. the mixed-media composite prints are arranged into four groups, which, taken in order and as a whole, are meant to convey an allegory similar to that of de saint-exupery's classic the little prince. the exhibit should appeal to those interested in photographic techniques, printmaking, environmental issues, and the ability of fine-art to convey a narrative. check it out while you can!

included in the exhibit is a great notebook (a bit like a catalog at a fancier museum) featuring commentary on the exhibit, technical notes, and other supplemental information. additionally, there is a small display of student work inspired by the show featuring local residents. for further information on the show, or for information on museum admission, hours, directions and parking, visit the moas on line at or call (850) 513-0700.

Published Wednesday, January 30, 2008 3:07 PM by emcee christmas
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