Wednesday, May 19, 2010 12:47 PM cstanton

Sony Commemorates The Magnetic Cassette With Final BoomBox

The mixtape paved the way for the way that we listen to music now. Think about it.. before mixtapes albums were the only thing around. That means that once you popped it in, there was no variation of artists, tracks, anything... Just the same album with the same songs by the same artist in the same monotonous order, over and over again. Then the mixtape came along and revolutionized the way people listened to their music. CDs and MP3 players came to follow, but Sony never forgot what the good ole cassette did for it.

Though the technology's basically long dead, Sony is finalizing the retirement of the cassette by releasing the last BoomBox with a cassette player that they will ever produce.

The CFD-A110 is a CD/ Cassette playing boombox with 14 AM/FM radio presets, a full range of speakers, and an external mic input for those karaoke lovers out there. It's going to be released at the beginning of summer with a pricetag of 20,000 yen, or $215 USD.Sadly, the boombox comes with nothing but a remote. No gold chains, no headband, no spray paint, and no hats to turn to the side.
But... what's better to spend money on than history?
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