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KORG Brings Powerful Beatmaking Tool To The iPad With iElectribe

Since its release in 1999, the Electribe series of synthesizers by KORG has been a favorite by creative artists across the world and across several electronic genres. The beatmaking power of the Electribe series is now portable thanks to iElectribe, KORG's first dedicated application for the iPad.

iElectribe gives a real hardware feel by using precise touchscreen commands to tweak each knob, fader, and dial and fully incorporates the iPad's full 9.7 inch screen.

iElectribe brings a few things to the table.

  • The first is the sound engine and sequencer from the Electribe•R
  • 64 new preset patterns that are ready to use
  • 8 awesome effects including a tempo-matching BPM delay for easy mixing.
  • Advanced Motion Sequencing

Much less important, but not any less cool, is that the user can completely customize the look of the tool using photos on their iPad.

The most special thing about the iElectribe is undoubtedly the Advanced Motion Sequencing that allows you to save all of the tweaks and turns of the knobs for all of the parameters directly to the pattern! So while your pattern is playing you can be messing with the knobs, save it, and play it back and if you choose you can tweak the controls on a second time to create advanced and crazy patterns like never before!

With this new feature exclusive to the iElectribe and its $9.99 promotional pricetag (until June 30th,2010... $19.99 afterwards), if you have an iPad, it certainly beats the heck out of paying upwards of $300 for the hardware that does less and is MUCH less portable. =

iElectribe is available at the Apple Store now.
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