Friday, December 18, 2009 1:07 PM cstanton

Octopus Uses Coconut And Stuns Scientists

The Octopus has been gaining some credit for its surprisingly high IQ for a little while since the whole "WOW THEY CAN OPEN JARS" thing.

Australian Scientists have observed the eight-limbed cephalopods carrying coconut shells around and turning them into little shelters beneath the sand. This may not seem like a ridiculous feat, but it is the first account of any invertebrate to use tools of their own.

The video was recorded and uploaded at the beginning of December 2009.

The editing makes the video a little funny, and it is really impossible to be sure how the second part of the coconut shell got there, but regardless its still pretty neat that the octopus could find a use for the two half-shells.
Plenty of animals use things like coconut shells for cover, but taking two of them and pulling them together and burrying them under the sand takes a little bit of thought.

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