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40 Needles Found In Brazilian Toddler

Voodoo is one of those things that's pretty cool in movies with the possession and the creepy dolls and all, but apparently its not a practical method of revenge these days with all of those darn x-ray machines.

A two year old boy was taken to the West Hospital in Barreiras in the state of Bahia, Brazil after vomiting  and crying about stomach pains. 

After running a few tests they decided to take an x-ray and what did they find? The title kind of gives it away.. but about 40 metal needles were stuck all around inside the child, some in the neck, some in the torso, and some in the little guy's organs.

The needles are being removed in the hospital, but some are going to have to stay in because it may be more dangerous to remove them than to leave them in. 

Roberto Carlos Magalhaes, the husband of the child's mother for 6 months, confessed on December 16th ,to having put the needles there. He had a great reason to back it up too, ritual murder for revenge. He said to police that his chick on the side had told him to get back at his wife by killing her son slowly over a long period of time, a really rational guy. 

Police Chief Helder Fernandes Santana of the town of Ibotirama said "he did that for revenge, to get back at his wife" and that "his mistress told him to kill the child through a macabre ritual," to the Agence France-Presse. Crazy voodoo women.

Despite the ridiculous amount of the needles in the kid, there were no visible exterior marks or bruising. I wonder if that takes a pretty careful hand or if sliding needles into a toddler is really that easy?

The whole revenge voodoo thing makes you wonder what a woman who you've been married to for six months, who has six children, one being a two year old child that isn't yours could really do to you to cause you to want to kill her youngest son? I mean come on, if she has a two year old son that isn't yours and you've been married to her for half a year, then that only leaves about one and a half years that he could have possibly had to get to know her after she had the child, and almost all of that time I would be willing to bet she was breastfeeding. Ew.

The only other option is that he was under the impression that the child was his, only to find out differently and STILL MARRY THE CHICK? I don't know, but it seems to me that this idiot shouldn't have listened to his mistress or whoever she was because it just wound him up in a world of hurt. I'm sure that the Brazilian government isn't too lenient on the ones who commit painful slow voodoo murders of toddlers, or at least I hope they aren't. 

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