Wednesday, October 21, 2009 3:37 PM cstanton

Balloon Boy's Neighbor Fights Media


So with all of the ruckus about the Balloon Boy hoax, which I feel stupid for not writing about, there was of course a lot of media around to cover it. The people of the media seem to have some amplified sense of belonging in areas where there is something to report, even if that means that they are going to act like arrogant douchebags and run in front of your car because they've already claimed the street that you live on.

Associated Press is circulating a great video of a little sideline action at the Balloon Boy house. On Sunday afternoon, an unnamed guy, a neighbor of the Heene's, the Balloon Boy family, is just trying to get to his house on the news-truck-lined street he calls home, when a reporter or cameraman or whatever-he-is runs out in front of his truck. Immediately there is a confrontation and the man gets out of truck and calls the police, complaining about the media people. When the man gets back in the truck and tries to drive off, another guy gets in the way of his car. At this point, the guy hops out of the truck and wants to fight. Its really hard to tell who the bigger jerk is, though, the guy in the truck kind of leaves you with the macho douchebag impression and it kind of takes from the obvious annoyance that having a million news trucks on his street must have caused. What's so great is that only one of the news reporters does anything, and look where it ends up getting him. Its also really funny to watch the actions of his brave reporter buddies.

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