Thursday, August 27, 2009 3:55 PM cstanton

Solar UFOs Clean The Osaka Canals


Osaka, Japan is having an Aqua Metropolis festival and these alien looking watercrafts are actually going to serve a very healthy purpose. These vessels are in place to purify the water!

Each one of these "Solar UFOs" has 27 solar panels that provide the power it needs to purify very large amounts of water each day. Up to 2,400 gallons per day is purified. Impurities are removed from the water while oxygen is pumped into it. The clean water sprays out the top of the vessel like a fountain, cleaning the solar panels of grime.

During the day, the powerful filtration system is powered by sunlight, but at night, a 1.3 kilowatt solar battery will power the LED lights around the rim and on the bottom of the vessel.

The crafts will be deployed into the Osaka Castle's moat and into the canals throughout the city. One Solar UFO is scheduled to remain in the Dotonbori canal until the middle of October. The vessel in the Osaka Castle moat is scheduled to stay fully operational until March 2010. NTT Facilities, the people who designed the filtration system, also announced plans to deploy Solar UFOs in Tokyo-area waters.

Currently, the UFOs are not for sale.  



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