Wednesday, August 19, 2009 12:22 PM cstanton

Kids Woot! is a popular site that stands by their slogan: One Day, One Deal. Each day a new product is selected at midnight and is sold either until the day is over or until inventory runs out. Shipping is a $5 flat rate on everything sold on the website.


I have been following Woot almost daily for nearly a year now and I have seen a wide range of products, from a "Bag of Crap" to a 32" LCD TV. Today, they're selling an Energizer Hardcase Tactical Flashlight. The site gained so much popularity when it started that they expanded into several different branches. There's, which offers one deal on wine or other gourmet food products,, which sells one unique shirt per day, and which provides another great deal provided by a different company.

Now, has branched out once again to Kids Woot! offers a great deal each day for toys or educational materials for children. The people at Woot explain in their blog: "First things first: this is not a site for your kids to play on, OK? Kids.Woot is here to sell high-quality, useful child-oriented products. And maybe some low-quality, useless ones, too."

That's what's so great about Woot, some days there will be something so useless that you couldn't believe anybody would buy it, but then at midnight they come back at you with a mini-laptop for $100, so checking the site every day is a must for a true penny-pinching Woot member.

This new branch should be just as successful, if not even more, than any other Woot branch. I'm sure that anyone Woot member with a child will be frequenting the site to check out the great new deals on kids products. Plus, even if you don't purchase the product, reading what the Woot writers have to say in the description is worth the time for a good chuckle anyway. They have some of the wittiest and edgiest product descriptions I have ever laid my eyes upon.

If you haven't heard of or I encourage you to check them out, and if you don't see what you like one day, then come back the next!

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