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French and Russian 3 Year Old Kidnapped Three Times Already By Own Parents

On March 20th, 2009, 3 year old child, Elise André, the daughter of Irina Belenkaya and Jean-Michel André was kidnapped while her and her father were walking back from kindergarten in France. Mr. André was beaten severely in the abduction. It is alleged that Belenkaya was behind the kidnapping. 

On April 13, Belenkaya was detained in Hungary, at the Budapest Airport, while attempting to cross the border to Ukraine with Liza, who was handed over to her father. A reporter that was traveling with Mr. André and Elise said that he refused to comment on the whole situation. Apparently this hadn't been the first kidnapping in the daughter's life. In 2008, Elise was taken from her nanny in Moscow that her mother had sent her to. Her father was supposedly behind the kidnapping, as he had her in 2009 when she was swooped up again, though the investigation continues.

Belenkaya was very upset when she learned that her daughter would be handed back over to the father. Russian embassy spokespersons said that Hungary's decision should be looked into as they avoided listening to Russian law and sympathized with the French father. 


Belenkaya was held by Hungary, and then sent to France for a trial. The father, being very civil, signed a document allowing for the mother to see her daughter three times a month. The sentence for the kidnapping has not been resolved. Hopefully it will be soon so that they can all just go home, but Belenkaya and her lawyer are not satisfied with the decision and are going to appeal and try to get equal custody of the child. 

I personally think that the child should remain with the father, since the mother is obviously affiliated with some dangerous guys. Anyone that is going to have their ex beaten and their daughter stolen from him while she watches him get hurt has some serious moral issues. I mean, imagine the mind of a three year old child while she's watching her dad get beaten and then top it off with a little kidnapping.

The dad just seems much more reasonable to me. He says “Why cut her away from her father? Why punish both of us? She has the right to know and receive the love of both her parents. We have to find a solution. But for now, I just want to know that she’s ok and where she is." 

Russia is very upset about the whole thing, because their constitution basically says that if Elise was in Russia with her mother, neither of them could be sent to France, so they think that Hungary should have sent the two back to Russia. Figures.

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