Monday, July 13, 2009 5:01 PM cstanton

Cyborg Crickets

As our military tactics and technology is progressing, the US has been recruiting new members of the animal kingdom into its ranks. First, it was just mammals, such as dogs and dolphins, and now it has come to insects.

Much like the use of canaries by coal miners, the military is now exploring the use of insects for detection of the use of chemical weapons and even humans. They load up the insect with a small package of electronics that control its muscle movement and sense different scents, such as human scent, and certain chemicals, like Sarin or hydrogen cyanide. Since the electronics have basically taken over the primitive nervous system of the creature, they are also able to change their wing movement patterns. The types of insects whose communications are based on wing movement are cicadas, locusts, and crickets. All of these could be candidates to join our ranks as mindless drones that function as individual detectors.

Before we send troops into a certain area, we will be able to send in a squadron of crickets that will be able to, thanks to the equipment that has been merged with their bodies, detect whether there are harmful chemicals in the area. Another use could be for infiltration of places that would not be easily accessed by infantry to detect whether or not there are warm bodies in a building. The ability to detect human scent would also come in handy in detecting earthquake victims or people caught in the rubble of an explosion.

 Science is coming so far as to make R/C cars out of animals. I think it's pretty neat. I say that we use locusts and direct swarms to wipe out crops and mosquitos to aggrivate the hell out of the enemy. It's probably a good thing that I'm not in charge of these new military ventures. I only call it a venture because of the machine apocalypse, we don't need them with the bugs on their side!

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