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Banksy Vs. Bristol Museum

The very popular, almost anonymous, artist known as Banksy has been showing his artwork off for about 16 years now. Not much is known by the general public about his identity. He is believed to be born near or in Bristol, in 1974. This information was gathered from other members of the DryBreadZ crew, his first graffiti group, which was a big part of the Bristol underground scene. The DryBreadZ Crew is a graffiti clan that used stencils and freehand to create their tags


Bristol's underground scene is much like any other underground scene. A lot of artists and musicians collaborated to spread their message, which was basically anti-establishment like every other anarcho-punk group. I don't think that anyone is exactly sure of what Banksy's stance is on politics or ethics, but a lot can be deduced by his artwork. Most of his artwork is satirical and focuses on politics, ethics, culture, and current events dealing with the like.


Banksy's artwork has appeared around the world and more recently, within the last 5 or 6 years, he has been doing exhibitions. His work has actually been auctioned off by the owners of buildings for a decent profit, leaving the removal of the piece in the hands of the buyer. He once did a show where he painted on animals in a warehouse. It was monitored of course, and approved since the paints were non-toxic, but animal rights activists still chained themselves to the handrails at the entrance of the building. Now, he's doing a show back in his hometown of Bristol that will definitely provoke some thought. He's taking over the Bristol Museum and redoing the entire interior.

You can check out the site for the exhibition here.

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