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StarCraft II: A Long Worthwhile Wait

A sequel to the 1998 hit, StarCraft, has been awaited for nearly 10 years and finally has an uncomfirmed release date, but at least it is in 2009, which narrows it down within the next 6 months. The original StarCraft was, and still is, the best real time strategy game in my opinion. The reason it gained so much popularity is A) It's got 3 great campaign modes, B) It's got plenty of gore, C) The graphics look great for its time and the game is really aesthetically pleasing, and D) It's a very very well balanced multiplayer RTS.The sequel, StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty, is said to be better in every way, which is almost expected after the long wait and the time allowed for development.  StarCraft II is said to have more of a focus on the multiplayer mode and will feature a new matchmaking system that will allow for better ranking lineups between competitors. The BattleNet aspect is supposed to be given a new look for better user compatibility.

The game's still fundamentally the same. It features three different races of characters, just like the first one, that are very well balanced. The Terran race is basically humans, with weapons and technology that could only be imagined to be in the distant future, like the year 2499. The Protoss are an advanced alien race that use things like plasma shields and generate all of their energy with structures called pylons. The Zerg are just really gross alien creatures that produce units by metamorphosis from these little larvae things that hang out around their hive.

StarCraft II is not just going to stop at Wings of Liberty. Blizzard is going to release two more expansion packs titled Heart of the Swarm and Legacy of the Void. Not only are each race's campaign going to be in separate releases, but they're all going to have their own style too, according to Blizzard. The first release, Wings of Liberty, is going to feature Jim Raynor from the first StarCraft as the main character. Througout the campaign the player will be doing mercenary jobs for money. The second campaign, Heart of the Swarm, will feature Kerrigan, another orginal character. It will be focused around leveling up her powers. The third campaign, Legacy of the Void, will include a lot of diplomacy that must be negotiated by Zeratul also an original character. 

Watch more videos of StarCraft 2

There are going to be a bunch of new units as well. You can see all of the names of them on the Tech-Tree that's shown on You can also go ahead and search YouTube for the new units. I've watched a couple of those videos and there are a couple of new units and new features for old units that will bring a lot of interesting new strategy into the game. My favorite is the Protoss Mothership. Unfortunately some of its abilities were considered overpowered and game-changing, so they were removed and it's still up in the air what they will do to replace them. There's quite a bit of mess as to what's going to be in the actual released game, but most of it, if you care to tear through some threads, is available on

Hopefully, when the game is released, it will have just as much of a hook on me as the first one did. I enjoy sitting down and playing a game at 9 and looking at the clock and seeing that its 5AM when it feels like only an hour has passed.

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