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Great Surf, Great Music, Great Film, Sipping Jetstreams

I was just looking through a collection of old torrents the other day and I came across this one particular surf video that I had completely forgotten about. I have no idea how I could forget about it because it is probably my favorite surf video of all time. I'm not really big into surfing myself, I mean I've gone out a few times since I live in Florida, but by no means do I call myself a surfer. Even not being a total wave-addict, anyone can appreciate this video. The filmography gives you a great picture of the culture and the surroundings of each of the neat places featured in the video. It's almost a 50/50 split between the actual surf videos and clips of the places, animals, and everyday lives of the people that live in these beautiful surroundings.   


Morocco, Hong Kong, Italy, Indonesia, Egypt, Japan, Cuba, and Barbados were all captured in their true light throughout the video. This film really shows you the heart of each location since each place was visited not only for a few days, but for nearly two months at a time. This gave the camera's eye enough time to capture the soul of the place, all the little gems left unnoticed in a typical surf-n-scoot film. The beautiful images paired with the, in my opinion, awesome soundtrack really sucks you in and makes you feel the surrounding. It is a really touching, feel-good viewing experience.

The soundtrack is really influential to the video and flows extremely well. It's also filled with a lot of pretty good bands, some I had heard of before, some of who I grew to enjoy because of the video. 

Ian Brown - Happy Ever After
Massive Attack - Angel
Years Around The Sun - Heart Delay
Placebo - Post Blue
The Faint -  The Conductor
Tricky - You Don't
Sizzla & Anthony B - Haunted and Nervous,
UNKLE - In A State
Gelbison - See The World
The Album Leaf - See The World

Heart Delay is a really really catchy song that stuck with me for a week or two when I first saw this video. 

If its not enough that it is literally the most beautiful surf video I have ever seen, its packed with badass championship surfers. Kelly Slater, Dane Reynolds, Benji Weatherly, Bruce Irons, Rizal Tangjung, Andy Irons, and Shane Dorian are among the large group of athletes performing in this film. They really just tear up the waves at every location. There are also a couple of really cool longboarding scenes interjected throughout some of the city scenes.

Overall, I'd say that this film is a MUST-SEE for pretty much everyone, unless you're just a grouch that hates beautiful film, a well-integrated soundtrack, and awe-inspiring waves. 

Check out this clip from the film: 

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