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Giant Gundam Monument Towers Over Park In Tokyo, Japan

If you weren't worried about Japan building huge manned robots and taking over the world, then maybe you will be now! Odaiba Shiokaze park has had a huge makeover, and now, standing right in the middle of it, a "life-sized" Gundam stands towering over everything like an attentive prison warden.

Bandai, a toy company that has been around since the 50s, has been building the robot for the last few months and now it is nearly, if not fully, complete. The official unveiling is scheduled for July 11th, but it is hard to keep a giant humanoid robot covered up. The huge robot was built as a monument to the 30th anniversary of Mobile Suit Gundam, an anime TV show in Japan. The show has featured monsterous bipedal robots equipped with rocket launchers, lasers, and jetpacks. As you can imagine, the technology hungry country of Japan has MILLIONS of fans... enough fans to build a huge monument.


The Gundam is designed to look like a model RX-78, one of the original robots from the show. It stands at 18 meters or 60 feet tall, dwarfing everything around it. Its colorful armored plating is well lit and is complimented by mist machines. Not only is it a statue, it is actually a robot! Its head can move in all directions, making it seem a little more all-seeing. It stands tall, appearing to watch over the city.

This isn't the first monument to the Gundams though, there has been a much smaller gundam that stands about 4 meters tall at Shinjuku’s Kamiigusa train station. Numerous japanese companies have used Gundams in their advertisements and even a poster designed by the actual japanese fire department features a Gundam shooting water at a flaming building. I guess the japanese love their mythic metal gunslinging warriors a bit.

There are some more pictures on Pink Tentacle

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