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Mexico: an Earthquake the Swine flu an Economic Crisis and a Drug War; is it God’s Wrath?


Mexico City today’s earthquake that measured 6.0 degrees in the Richter scale has many here wondering if the enormous amount of suffering they are enduring is God’s punishment for sins committed in the past. In this country hit by the swine flu a drug war (with thousands dead) and now an earthquake has many of its citizens believing that the apocalypses is coming.


Mexico City denizens talk about hundreds of deaths nationwide due to the Swine flu, although officially the government only has recognized 150 deaths. An earthquake on top of the flu’s plight has everyone talking about a possible curse.


The drug war in Mexico has taken thousands of lives and the economic crisis has created unemployment, inflation and increased poverty. Finally the flu and an earthquake are taking Mexicans beyond a tolerable threshold of stress and pain. What else could happen, some say: “God only knows?” Unfortunately Mexicans who are true Catholics believers cannot go to church to pray for salvation because due to the Swine flu mass services in most churches has been suspended.  


In Mexico one can sense on people’s faces feelings of fear, impotence and desperation; most of them believe that the worse is about to come.

Published Apr 27 2009, 05:02 PM by cartoon
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