Poop has healing powers? Who knew?

OK. So this dude suffered from a bacterial infection so he gave himself an enema of water mixed with his cousin's poo. Sounds like a horrible idea, right. But the fact is, it's not such a crappy idea.

The Canadian man suffered from Clostridium difficile, a bacterial infection also known as C. difficile. The condition came on as a result of routine surgery the man had 18 months ago. 

He became so frustrated an ill that he decided to just take matters into his own hands and treat himself. So he gave himself an enema designed to get rid of the infection. His cousin's poop was disease and parasite free, so it was good to go.

Once the, um, mixture was prepared, the man just flushed himself out with it.

But when his doctor heard, he said the man had jumped the gun. The doc had scheduled to perform the "transpoosion" in just a few days, but his patient just couldn't wait any longer. 

While treating patients with poop sounds a little, um, shady, some doctors agree that it's a viable treatment. The Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology, September 2010 edition, published research that poop transplants help patients suffering from C. difficile. And apparently an enema is the only way to administer the healing power of poop. 

But it is still considered a treatment of last resort, so don't go asking for volunteers just yet.

Published Monday, April 9, 2012 3:18 PM by bulldog
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