Freaky Friday: Chemo for lizards, tattoos that 'ring'

It's Friday and that means it is time to take a look at the freaky and downright weird. 

We start off this week with a British bride who postponed her wedding so she could instead spend the money to treat her cancer-stricken pet lizard, George.

Apparently, the bearded dragon's treatment was to cost $4,700, so the 25-year-old woman put the brakes on her nuptials to be sure her beloved pet got the treatment he needed.

"George will always come first," she told local tabloids. Bet that made her husband-to-be feel just ducky. The chemo was a success, and George is in remission. Apparently, the woman's fiance is okay with how things have turned out. 

"They have a special bond," he said. Good thing he knows his place.

There's one artist in this world that doesn't care if your makeup is just right or you just got your hair cut to get read to pose. He's more concerned with your posterior. 

Krandel Lee Newton draws caricatures of people's backsides – yep, he's the original butt sketcher. He's drawn more than 400,000 butts since 1987, and each are done with a charcoal pencil in about three minutes, on average.

Believe it or not, Newton's gone corporate. His burins, Original Butt Sketch, is based in Dallas, Texas. He's on a world tour currently, and has drawn the backsides of people like Alex Trebeck, Bill Gates and John Goodman.

Finnish mobile phone developer Nokia filed for a patent this week on tattoos that will notify cell phone users that their phone is ringing. The apparatus is supposed to detect a magnetic field, then basically send a little shock to the owner of the phone that it's ringing. There's also the possibility that the tattoo could notify the cell phone owner of a text or dead battery, in addition to calls.

The device could come in the form of a tattoo, badge or label. Because, well, ring tones are so last year.

Published Friday, March 23, 2012 12:08 PM by bulldog
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