'Tebowing' is newest crazy trend

There's a not-so-new trend on the rise. It's "Tebowing." 

Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow began kneeling to offer up a prayer during his days as quarterback of the University of Florida Gators. Now that he's gone pro, he still kneels before, during and after each game. 

And the world has taken notice. The practice was first mentioned on Oct. 23 after the Denver game against the Miami Dolphins. And now people all over the nation are taking a knee, and there's even a website devoted to the practice, www.tebowing.com. 

At the site, you'll find men, women and children, tebowing in every conceivable place. Some of them take the traditional pose, while others have done it under water, upside-down, on top of objects, in groups and there was one guy who even was saran-wrapped to a column in mid-tebow. 

The practice has officially gotten out of hand. 

Whether you are a Tebow fan or not, you gotta admit, the guy is doing something right. In fact, Tebow has been dubbed the "Mile-High Messiah."  The Broncos were 1-4 when Tebow first hit the field, and the team seemed to have lost hope.  And now he's leading his team to one of the best seasons they've had in recent years – they've taken some pretty impressive victories. The Broncos are the talk of the NFL. 

Whatever. The Broncos clearly have a renewed belief in themselves. And their performance shows it. 

Published Monday, December 12, 2011 3:51 PM by bulldog
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