Top 10 Twilight gifts on Etsy

If you're a "Twi-hard," you know that the new Twilight movie has broken records and continues to claim the high spot on the box office charts. 

If you're a crafty person, you probably are familiar with the website Etsy. 

What if you combine the two? Could you find Twilight-inspired items on this infamous seller of all things kitschy? Yes. Yes, you can. Here's a list of the Top 10 things we found.

1. If you are a Twilight fan and you have cold hands, never fear. You can purchase mittens from Etsy seller ChickenBetty, that are made to look like the cover of the first Twilight book. When you put your hands together, it really looks like there's an apple there. Really.

2. Just in time for Christmas, you can purchase a Team Edward sparkly gold ornament, complete with a blood red ribbon to hang it on your tree. Sparkly…get it? Like Edward's abs in the sunlight.

3. If you aren't a fan of the series, there's even a gift for you. You can get a T-shirt emblazoned with "Edward Cullen is a fictional character and he will never love you." Bitter, table for one.

4. For a mere $20, you can have your own wedding invitation from the vampiric wedding of the century – bearing your favorite human, angst-ridden girl and her sparkly vampire fiance.

5. Again, for those who are Team Edward, you can get a special T-shirt that says it all for the bargain price of $12: "I'd like to La Push Jacob off a cliff."

6. If you want your lips to be soft and supple when you bite that special someone this New Year's Even, then pick up some Esme Cullen Cucumber Melon Lip Glaze or perhaps Bella's rose flavor suits you better. If you don't like either, there's always the zucchini bread one.

7. If you're into silver jewelry, you can declare you've recently become undead by sporting a silver ring that reads "I've been bitten!" for only $34.99.

8. The unsung hero of the entire Twilight franchise? Bella's dad, police Chief Charlie Swan. If you're Team Charlie, you can sport a T-shirt that reads: "Team Charlie: No One Forks With The Chief of Police." Except, of course, vampires and werewolves. 

9. Nothing says love like a bangle bracelet that has blood splatters on it and reads, "La Push," the Indian reservation that is home to wolfy Jacob. If your girl is Team Jacob, this is the must-have Christmas gift this year.

10. The ultimate find on Etsy for those who favor the Twilight series is the My Little Pony, Breaking Dawn edition, which features Emmitt Cullen's face on the pony's posterior. So dreamy.

Any of these gifts will make your friends and family swoon on Christmas morning. Of course, when they wake up, they'll be expecting their real gifts. 

Published Tuesday, December 6, 2011 1:38 PM by bulldog
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