Steve Jobs: 12 things you might not know about 'Mr. Apple'

After a battle with pancreatic cancer, Apple visionary and creative genius Steve Jobs has died. He was 56. 

Very few people in the world haven't heard the name Steve Jobs, but here are 12 things about the man you may not know.

1. He was a devout vegetarian. He explored strange diets when he was 19, specifically those that would get rid of mucus and the need to shower. 

2. His favorite foods included raw carrots.

3. When he was young, Jobs studied Zen Buddhism and considered becoming a monk.

4. Jobs once considered running for governor of California.

5. Jobs dropped out of college after one semester at Reed College in Oregon.

6. Jobs was adopted – his birth father was of Syrian heritage.

7. Jobs made a salary of $1 in 2010.

8. A disagreement in 1985 led to Jobs being stripped of his operating authority. 

9. The famous Apple logo, and the name Apple, was chosen by Jobs because he admired Beatles' Apple Records. There was a legal battle over the logo, but the parties settled the dispute in 2007.

10. Jobs once survived on money he got from selling soft drink bottles and weekly free meals at a Hare Krishna temple in Oregon.

11. Although Jobs dropped out of Reed College after only one semester, he did continue to take calligraphy classes. He credits his experience in that course for the multiple fonts that appear on Mac computers.

12. Jobs is the only CEO to have read his own obituary. Bloomberg updated its stock obituary on Jobs, and it was supposed to have been only an internal document. But it was inadvertently published. Jobs took it in stride by declaring, "Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated." The obit was retracted by a very red-faced Bloomberg.

Published Thursday, October 6, 2011 12:45 PM by bulldog
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