Chinese woman changes location, still seeks Ivy League husband

All sorts of people flock to New York, and Feng Luoyu is no different. The 27-year-old China native moved to the city to escape persecution in her own country. But the persecution she suffered was not due to typical reasons.

Luoyu shot to fame in China two years ago when she handed out flyers in Shanghai, bearing specific demands for potential suitors. The demands included that Mr. Right had to be around 6 feet tall, a native of eastern coastal China, a graduate of one of the country's top universities, and he should have studied economics or a similar subject. 

But she didn't stop there. She also requires that he should not be an employee of state companies, but "it's OK if he works for PetroChina, Sinopec or top banks." 

Luoyu became known as "Sister Phoenix" or "Sister Feng" on the Web, and she was targeted because of her own plain looks and the fact that at the time, she worked as a cashier at a local supermarket. 

She also rented billboards bearing the information, and photos of herself dressed as a bride. Pretty soon, Luoyu couldn't walk down the street without being barraged by people yelling insults. That's when she decided to flee to the United States, a country she knew to be more accepting and where she felt she could succeed in all areas of her life.

She's now working as a nail technician in a Brooklyn salon, and is hoping to marry a "real American" with a degree from an Ivy League school. She say she is asked out all the time, but she turns them down because none of them are suitable. 

Sounds to us like no one ever will be.

Published Tuesday, September 27, 2011 11:41 AM by bulldog
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