Tile and receipts are holy vessels – Who knew?

First, there was the receipt from Walmart. You know, the one the couple from Anderson, SC got that bears an image that reportedly looks like Jesus?

Haven't heard about that one? Well, the couple did a little shopping at their neighborhood Walmart, and three days later, one of them picked up the receipt from that day from the floor of their apartment, and on it was the face of Jesus. 

The couple was so struck by it that they called the store to ask how the image could have gotten there. They were told the only way the receipt paper could have become discolored like that was if it was heated.

Cue the angels.

Now a couple in Moore, Okla. has discovered an image of the Virgin Mary. In their bathroom.

You see, the couple recently installed new tiles in their shower, and after the job was all finished, they noticed the image on one of the tiles. But they're not removing it for fame and glory. They're leaving it in place, so it won't be damaged.

Images of both the tile and the receipt have made the rounds on the Internet. 

We're expecting to hear from someone else in a southern state very soon, that has seen the face of Jesus in a grilled cheese sandwich. Grilled Cheesus…?

Published Wednesday, July 20, 2011 2:40 PM by bulldog
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