Police officers...doing their job or harassing citizens?

Police can be so rude. 

Officers in Elyria, Ohio arrested a man praying in church after he stole four packages of underwear from a Family Dollar store last Sunday. 

Can't a guy ask forgiveness for stealing some drawers without being harassed by "the man?"

In other people-who-are-rude news, a teenager now faces simple assault charges after police in Rock Hill, S.C. say he tackled another teen outside a sporting goods store.

The tackled teen was working at the time, dressed as "Slappy," the ice cream cone mascot of Marble Slab ice cream parlors. The tackler pulled up in a sport utility vehicle, jumped out and tackled him, and jumped back in the car, which then sped away.

How rude. Arresting this teen for tackling the ice cream cone. Those police don't know what the kid's issues are. Maybe he was accosted by someone wearing an ice cream suit when he was younger. Maybe he had a terrible bout of brain freeze once. Maybe he has an unnatural fear of giant ice cream cones.

Whatever the reason, he dealt with it in the best way he knew – he jumped that cone and ran. Officers, he was just trying to deal with his fears. Was the arrest really necessary?

And officers in Ohio, you certainly would have arrested the dude if he was walking around underwear-less. The guy didn't have any money and was just trying to be a law-abiding citizen by wearing underwear. When his conscience got the best of him, he repented. Well…he tried to.

Rude much? Geez...

Published Wednesday, June 8, 2011 12:15 PM by bulldog
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