Fear is underlying factor in celebration of Osama bin Laden's death

"This is the most significant victory in our fight against al-Qaida and terrorism, but that fight is not over. We will continue to support our troops and the American civilians who are fighting every day to protect our homeland."     — Senate Majority Leader Sen. Harry Reid, D-Nev.

This was just one of many reactions by people all over America after the news broke that Osama bin Laden was dead. People all over the country immediately began celebrating, calling bin Laden's death at the hands of American soldiers "justice" and "vindication" for the Sept. 11 acts of terrorism.

But there is another side to the story. There are thousands of people who follow the same teachings bin Laden did, and hate Americans every bit as much. There are those who will aim their hatred – and yes, their guns – directly at any American target they can. This includes people.

"The Americans have previously killed other Islamists leaders... Their students will continue the jihad and we shall retaliate against the Americans, Israel, Europe and Christians in Somalia with destructive explosions and other acts that will harm them." — Mohamed Asman Arus, spokesman for al-Shabab, Somalia's most dangerous militant group.

Those words will likely strike fear in the hearts of all Americans. One of our greatest fears is that our U.S. troops serving in other countries will now become targets of retaliation. 

Lori Burdette of Augusta, Ga., spent Monday morning on Facebook, exchanging messages with other military wives concerned about their husbands' safety. 

"I just feel that the general public doesn't realize what this could mean to our military," she said. "They want to think that this might end the war, but what I'm hearing and feeling from other military wives is fear – fear that this will escalate the evil and cause more harm to our men and women in uniform."

So let us not forget, America, that amidst the celebration, there is still a struggle – a very real struggle. And it always gets darkest before the dawn.

Published Tuesday, May 3, 2011 11:53 AM by bulldog
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