The royal wedding – time to get your web-enabled device ready

Well…the big day is tomorrow. Prince William will finally marry Kate Middleton, making her fairytale rise from commoner to princess a reality. 

It's estimated that somewhere between 1 and 2 billion people will watch the wedding. But they won't just tune in via television. People will be watching on computers, cell phones, iPads and more. The wedding will no doubt be re-broadcast repeatedly, or at least, highlights will, on television, while anyone can watch the day's festivities whenever he or she likes on YouTube. 

Not since Prince Charles and Diana very loosely tied the knot have people taken such an interest in a royal wedding. Why is this one capturing the attention of people worldwide? 

Perhaps it is because of social media. The event will live forever on the Internet, and clips will no doubt be tweeted into oblivion. The royal family has hit the Interwebs! This is history in the making for sure.

Perhaps it's because a prince is marrying a commoner. There have only been a handful of times this has happened in the past. And now there's the possibility that Kate could be queen. Bet her mum and dad never dreamed that for their daughter.

Another possible reason is that Kate has rapidly risen to the status Diana once held – the people's princess. She has stood by William's side for years, has endured the press, and has found her place in the royal family. People of all types relate to her and find her appealing. 

Whatever the reason, you can bet people will tune in everywhere. All day long. This kind of thing only happens, as they say, once in a lifetime.

Published Thursday, April 28, 2011 1:21 PM by bulldog
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