Super Bowl commercials are better than the game...again

Okay…so the Super Bowl is over. The score is on the books. The Packers took home the trophy. So what's everyone talking about the day after the game?

As usual, the commercials. The top commercial was, for us, difficult to pick. So we decided we'd just list those that are standouts for us, and why we picked 'em. 

• Volkswagen – Come on, it had a cute kiddie Darth Vader in it and the actual music from the movie. Aside from the cuteness factor, we have to mention the fact that you know Volkswagen shelled out some serious cabbage for the rights to use that music. Or perhaps they provided a specialized fleet of cars for Mr. Lucas' personal use…or for his droid army.

• Chrysler – Um. Eminem. He's from Detroit, and he's a big-time rapper now. We get it. Enough with the melodramatics. Geez. This commercial sucked.

• Bridgestone – We loved this one. The beaver pays it forward. We always loved the Beav…

• Doritos – Now…the first one, featuring a stupid guy picking on a helpless little pug, we found predictable and just not that funny. The second one, however, had a nice little twist we found really funny. But we're not sprinkling any chips of any kind on anyone's ashes. Ever. Just to be safe.

• Snickers – Although we enjoyed watching Roseanne Barr get knocked down, we'd have to say we didn't like this one. Bring back Betty White!

• Best Buy – All the buzz about this commercial has been about Justin Bieber. We respectfully submit that we enjoyed Ozzy's performance more. As a straight man, there's no one funnier. Sharon's pretty good, too.

• Pepsi – We loved this one. Poor little guy ruled by his wife, then POW! She makes a wrong move and gets hers…we loved it.

• Coca-Cola – This one had great graphics and a nice twist. Loved the dragon.

• Chevrolet – Using the cast of Glee, Chevrolet? Really? You couldn't come up with anything better than an over-produced Leah Michele, um, we mean, Glee-fest? Time to hire a new marketing team, dudes.

• Go Daddy – There's been a lot of hype on the Internet regarding who the next Go Daddy girl would be. And she's been revealed. The image of Joan Rivers' incredibly surgically-altered face Photoshopped onto a hot chick's body…that's just an image we'll never be able to un-see. Ever. We are disturbed. 

• E*Trade – This might be our favorite. Despite the fact that this baby has the market savvy of a 40-year-old man, yet strangely he never seems to age, we love these commercials. They're smart and funny, and the bad special effects only add to it, we think. And the bit at the end…oy. So funny. Hysterical, even.

Check out all the commercials for yourself and pick your favorites. The commercials were much better than the game. And don't even get us started on Christina Aguilera singing the National Anthem…or that halftime show...

Published Monday, February 7, 2011 12:13 PM by bulldog
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