KFC adds some 'buns' to its Double Down

Colonel Sanders is probably rolling over in his grave.

Kentucky Fried Chicken, in a little twisted bit of marketing, is using female college students to promote its new bunless Double Down sandwiches. The sandwich consists of two boneless chicken breasts, with cheese, bacon and a special sauce in between. 

The marketing ploy marks the second attempt in recent months to bring the chicken chain out of a dip in sales and name recognition. A survey showed that there are a lot of young people ages 18 to 25 – college-aged young people – who don't know who the "old dude" is in the KFC logo. Many of those surveyed thought the colonel was made up.

The fix? KFC is using social media and its Web site to promote an art contest, asking young people to create new artwork to represent the company. Now it is again calling on young people.

KFC is now using the buns of college coeds by paying each young woman $500 to hand out coupons for the sandwich while wearing fitted sweatpants with the words "Double Down" printed on the rear. We can only assume KFC is aiming this marketing toward the male portion of the aforementioned demographic.

So…let's get this straight…KFC is asking young women to parade around with "Double Down" on their fannies? All while selling KFC's latest concoction?

Interesting marketing twist.

Not everyone thinks so. In fact, some are actually angry about it. Terry O'Neill, president of the National Organization for Women says it's obnoxious to use women's bodies to sell "fundamentally unhealthy products." She adds that KFC seems to have forgotten that women often make the decision about what's to be consumed for dinner. Where's the marketing aimed at that demographic?

KFC has defended its decision, saying the marketing is, in fact, aimed at these young men who, according to their statistics, are the largest consumers of the Double Down. KFC spokespeople also say they've had no complaints about this method of advertising.

Well…we suppose the Double Down, at least in this scenario, isn't bunless.

Published Wednesday, September 22, 2010 1:21 PM by bulldog
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