Building A Community

Published Wednesday, July 22, 2009 1:19 PM

I have many blogs and websites that get some traffic but nothing that I would really write home about. I can’t say that I have in the least bit been successful in building a community but I think I can at least try and point you in the right direction or help you get the right state of mind when trying to build a community.

Give them Tools

Providing people with tools is a great start to building a community. If people can interact with the website and the people running the website then they feel better connected and more a part of the community. Allowing people to create log-ins and leave comments and participate in chats or forums is a great why to build community. This is another reason Twitter and Facebook and other social networks are so valuable because they are great for building community.

Give them Heart

Does this mean if you built it they will come? No HAHA I wish. Tools are not enough to create a community. It takes heart to built a community and heart is something you can’t fake and you can’t manufacture. If there are people participating on a website that care about what is being discussed and take care of each other then the community can't help but grow. Even if you start with only a couple people it will grow, maybe slowly but it will grow. The amount of heart you put into a project will show in how the community grows and will attract people to your community.

I have been really impressed with this guy Chris Parillo who started Lockergnome a blog engine community website. He gave a speech about building community at a conference and I thought it was really good and I think it will help anyone get a good idea of what building community really is.

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