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Starbucks to Sell Alcohol and Drop Store Image


Apparently Starbucks is testing out a new kind of store one where you can buy beer and wine with your latte or coffee. They are going to turn it into what a good coffee shop should be a store where you can get good beverages whether it’s coffee, beer or wine. They are still going to sell you the same coffee beans and the same basic product but with a more local and artsy scene.

Starbucks plans on making the coffee shop more local oriented by giving them local names and having live bands, poetry readings, and other similar events. I think this is a great idea but some people apparently don’t think so. They think Starbucks is trying to pull a fast one, a bait and switch as it were. I think Starbucks is simply trying to create a better coffee shop and I don’t see anything wrong with it.

Posted: Jul 22 2009, 02:20 PM by willburns1 | with no comments
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