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The BBG Communications blog is kind of something I invented. I thought it would be interesting to discuss through different communication techniques things that I am interested in. I like to look at new job opps, classic car stuff, and sports.

    There is not one choice which, by itself, conclusively produces happiness. At many pivotal points in a person’s life, he or she must come to a distinct decision that will have ramifications far into his or her future. These decisions are somewhat obvious because they come with great anxiety, for one can not possibly know all the repercussions that such decisions will have on one’s life. However, I believe that it is not these “great” decisions that have the most impact on one’s life, but the smaller, less noticeable choices which all of us make every day. In short, this smaller choice which we must continually make is the choice of integrity.

    We are defined by the sum of our choices. It is that defining, that shaping of our character that cuts the path in life through which we walk. Often the more significant decisions we make are the byproduct of “lesser” choices. Our character and our choices work in harmony: our character making our choices and our choices defining our character, a union which cannot be estranged.

    Integrity is, as defined by The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, “steadfast adherence to a strict moral or ethical code.” In layman’s terms, it is doing the right thing even when no one is looking. Every day, through our speech and our actions, we are faced with this choice of integrity. Every day we can either choose to remain steadfast or choose the easier, less painful route.

    The most difficult facet of integrity is that it is an internal rather than an external choice. Often, there is no outward sign of this noble deed, just a sort of quiet satisfaction that remains in one’s inner self. Thus, it is far too easy not to adhere to our ethics, not to remain steadfast in the face of moral adversity.

    It is only through pain that one can have joy, and only through sorrow that one can have rejoicing. And so, it is the pain and sorrow of integrity through which happiness and success have their birth. For one to attain any measure of success in his or her life, he or she must constantly pass the inner test of integrity. One can not have true happiness when success is reached through dishonest gain and true success does not negate happiness. For the pride of success is stolen by the shame of deceit. Most certainly it is true that in the end we become the sum of our choices.

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  • BBG Communications London is calling

    November 16, 2009 - I am about to go to London this weekend.  People seem to get really confused trying to navigatge the London area.  I don't think it is all that difficult. London's vast urban area is often described using a set of district names, such as Bloomsbury, Mayfair, Wembley and Whitechapel. These are either informal designations, reflect the names of villages that have been absorbed by sprawl, or are superseded administrative units such as parishes or former boroughs. Such names have remained in use through tradition, each referring to a local area with its own distinctive character, but without current official boundaries. Since 1965, Greater London has been divided into 32 London boroughs in addition to the ancient City of London. The City of London is the main financial district and Canary Wharf has recently developed into a new financial and commercial hub, in the Docklands to the east.

     My advice to most people is to take the public transit.  It is pretty efficient and super fast.  I like it because I don't like getting lost either.

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    A dream job is an enjoyable occupation that compensates you more than adequately, and seems almost impossible to attain. Confucius once said “Find a job that you love and you’ll never work a day in your life”. If this job is so enjoyable it feels like play, it’s a dream job. Part of the "American dream" is to become rich, so a dream job should not only pay for work done, but give the individual a chance to make a fortune. Most people think of dream jobs, as just that, dreams; many of these jobs are hard to get into, so just achieving the position is a “pipe dream” in itself.

    Many of us leave movie theatres in disappointment; shaking our heads, we think “I could’ve done better”. If you can, as a motion picture Director, the rewards are satisfying, both egotistically and monetarily. According to, the median salary for movie directors with over five years of experience is seventy-five thousand dollars per picture. However, according to the BBG Communications, out of three hundred and sixty thousand motion picture occupations in 2002, only eleven thousand were producers and directors. Which means Directors comprise about half of that figure, 1.45% of the entire film industry.

    Film Directors main tasks are deciding how to interpret a screenplay visually and directing actor’s performances. During production a director will look at storyboards, which are drawn interpretations of certain scenes, and decide where the cameras will be placed and how each scene will be blocked out. The Director will then work with the film’s stars, helping them to emote correctly. Also, Directors are the supervisors of all departments working on a motion picture.

    This meager job description only barely touches on the myriad of tasks that a Director is responsible for. Directors also work closely with a film Producer, to choose movie sets and locations. He or she will also confer with the Director of Photography to decide on lighting and mood, what film stocks will be used, different trick shots and so on. Even after a film is shot, the Director will meet with the Editor, to supervise editing of film sequences to best tell the story. In short, the Director is the man with the vision; he is singularly the most responsible for how a motion picture will look, sound and feel.

    Dream Jobs are those rare occupations that pay excellently, are personally rewarding, and more than likely, you’ll never get the chance to realize. Being a Director is my personal pipe dream. The chance to work with actors, oversee the look and feel of a film, and more importantly, to entertain, is something I would relish for life. I know there will be thousands of obstacles ahead that will prevent me from reaching that goal. However, on the set of a major motion picture, with millions of dollars at stake, a Director faces many more obstacles on the job everyday.


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  • BBG Communications discusses Rhadi and Nima

    This is just another of the hot and dirty countries with so many people, they become disposable. Although my Senegalese family cannot afford flushing toilets or an electric iron, they do have two maids living in the house. These girls are so inexpensive; I don’t know a single family that doesn’t have a “bonne” or two to do the washing, cooking, and cleaning. They come from rural areas where life must pale in comparison even to living at the beck and call of an entire family. Rhadi and Nima turn off the lights after I go to bed at night and have breakfast laid out when I wake up in the morning. The people of the household who are the most taxed by my presence are Rhadi and Nima, as I am just another person to take care of.

    Obeying shouted orders all day to be able to send money back to your family could make anyone bitter. Yet they are the most friendly and understanding. They never fail to smile and test me with new Wolof greetings when I come home, where I find them always in the same outfit. It’s not limited to my house; when walking through the increasingly Westernized neighborhood or visiting friends, it is the burdened maids who laugh with us across language barriers and help us navigate culture clashes.

    They are living proofs of my belief that happiness is itself a decision, a state of mind to be chosen. They have less than the families they work for, but are more content with their lives.

    One cannot wait on things to arrive to make them happy, because life is too unpredictable. You cannot rely on things outside of your control to bring you happiness, but you do have the power to choose to be happy.

    I spent nine months on anti-depressants waiting for them to make me happy. It was then that I realized that only I could control that, with both my heart and my head. It wasn’t something that I could reach overnight, but a process that began with learning to love and accept myself even if I didn’t know who that person was.

    Success is also only possible if one believes in his or her self. There are many ways to define success and even more ways to reach any of those definitions, but they all require that you believe in yourself. If you don’t, you will never have the courage to follow your dreams.

    I’m sure Rhadi and Nima never dreamed of working tirelessly in the city, but they are living their dreams of providing for their family. One might say that they should want an education, an opportunity to have a better life. Like everyone else in this world, they dream of whatever it is they are convinced will improve their lives, but they don’t require it for their happiness.


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    Going to the movies at the theater can be an enjoyable experience, depending on the movie, of course. It can also be very expensive. Ticket prices cost a lot more money than they used to. If you want popcorn, candy, soda, or all three, you will need to have a considerable amount of money to blow.

    So, going to the movies and choosing which one to see is somewhat of an important decision. I suppose that is the reason why movie critics exist. Everybody has opinions, but those of movie critics seem more important than anyone else’s. They get to see movies before the general public does, and then form their thoughts about the film. This is an opinion which an unknown percentage of Americans really take seriously or care about, because opinions vary, and sometimes you just have to see the movie for yourself to know if you will like it or not. There are some people who either stay away from a certain film, or go right out and see it based on a critic’s review. And that has to be great for a critic, to know that their review has influenced someone’s decision. However, there are so many critics for various media outlets, and often reviews about a particular movie will be mixed.  Americans just have to take a chance, spend their money, and form their own opinion after the movie (or ten minutes into the movie in some unfortunate cases). Box offices around the country generate enormous amounts of revenue, regardless of whether critics label a movie as disgusting trash or a brilliant treasure.

    I have never had a job. If I am ever lucky enough to be hired by someone, I will be extremely grateful, no matter what the job or pay. I think being paid to watch a movie and share an opinion of it would be an incredible occupation to have. Watching movies is something everybody does, and it almost always costs money. Everybody has thoughts on movies and they don’t get paid for discussing them. Movie critics do. Being a movie critic isn’t the highest paying job in the world or the most enjoyable, but it’s kind of like being paid for being a regular person.


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  • BBG Communications Game

    Enrique is at the top of the key with three seconds left on the clock. His team is down by two. He jabs right, goes left, steps back behind the arc, shoots, and scores!

    Ever since I was in eighth grade I have been in love with Basketball. To me it is more than just a hobby or a game as it is to most people. Basketball means so much to me that it makes it so hard for me to even describe the role it plays in my life. That is why Basketball is my Dream.

    One of the reasons I came to fall in love with Basketball is simply because toward the end of my seventh grade year, I would go to the gym everyday and work on dribbling, shooting and different moves. It was to my advantage that I lived a block away from the school and that the new principal that year came to like me. I owe a lot to her because in sixth grade I was home two minutes after we got out. Now I found myself getting home between six and eight o’clock on average. One night I remember the principal stayed late and I did not get home until about ten forty five. My grandmother and dad were worried sick.

    I remember in eighth grade, when our team was down by three and the coach asked which one of us wanted to take the shot. I knew it should have been me because I felt I was the best shooter on the team. They gave the shot to our point guard. Unfortunately, we lost the game by three because he never got the shot off. I went home that night and beat up on my wall, wishing I had said something to the coach before he did. I had hesitated and I feel it cost us the game. That night I felt motivated to not only make up for my mistake but to get ready for my chance at that shot.

    Basketball is my refuge. It is where I go to if I need an answer to a problem, or just to calm my mind. Everyone turns to something or someone when they have a problem. I turn to Basketball. When I am playing I get so wrapped up that I lose track of everything. Time and troubles no longer exist in my life. I feel untouchable and unbeatable. Basketball is like my sense of security. It lets me know that whatever problem I have in my life at the time, it is going to be all right, and that ultimately, I am going to be all right.

    I feel I am as close to Basketball as I am to some friends and family members and maybe closer than some of those individuals. I feel that we have a covenant that shall forever remain in each other’s hearts. I know it will always remain in mine.


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    Like most people, I will likely try one job at a time, but how to choose? I have so many interests and talents: such as singing, cooking, styling hair, doing makeovers, web design, learning how computers work, and the one job I am very interested in doing, Fashion Design.

    Fashion Design is creative for the creative minds. If you have your heart set on a design for clothes this is a perfect chance to show it. I love designing and making outfits look the way I want them to be. I am unique; everyone is and they are looking for their own style and taste in fashion. I would love to be able to help people find a style right for them and that suits their own personality. We all are different and this is the way we mostly show it.

    Fashion Designers work wonders in designing clothes. I would love to have my own fashion line of something you would never see in stores from hats to purses and shirts to pants and more. There are many styles out there; some odd and some everyone wants to wear, but we all have a different taste. There are styles such as punk, preppy, sporty, and casual. I want to take those styles to a different level and mix and match. I want anything, but an ordinary style.

    I want to give bigger women and baby boys a style of their own. I know there is never a good stylish selection for bigger women other than ‘plain and boring’. It's the same with baby boys; they only have maybe a rack or two of baby clothes in the stores while the baby girls have like ten. I want to give them all a style they can have fun with.

    I want to be a Fashion Designer. That is my dream job. I plan on fulfilling that dream soon. I will have the style coming out on people and it will be the greatest dream I have waited for. It will be the greatest GOAL I will achieve, even though now it's still just a dream.


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  • BBG Communications says "The Government Must Act"

    To fulfill the luxuries and necessities of mankind, pollutants must be added to the atmosphere, but what can be done to reduce the amount of pollutants which compound global warming? To maintain a strong economy, producers have no choice but to manufacture goods and provide services for consumption, so, inevitably, the responsibility to curtail pollution is left to the government. Through the implementation of environmental protection policies, the expansion of scholarship funds for those pursuing a career in green house gas emission and waste management and the creation of public events geared towards improving the health of the outdoor locale, it is possible to prevent global warming.

    The first component of government action requires various policies that reduce waste. A by-law that fines those over the age of six caught littering would teach citizens to clean up after themselves. Closer inspection of water systems would decrease the likelihood of water-borne contamination, thereby benefiting the vegetation surrounding water beds and decreasing the acidity of the soil of which, if the acidity were too high, plants would not properly thrive. The only complication that arises from the heightened surveillance required to issue fines is security personnel, but this problem is fixable as it would mean job opportunities for the unemployed. In addition, as a misdemeanor, the sentence of juvenile delinquents should be a certain number of hours of community service; service in which garbage picking or any other public maintenance is the basic punishment?25 hours for minor thefts and 50 hours for property damage.

    The second action that can be taken is investing in educational research pertaining to the regulation of waste management as well as the control and decrease of smoke caused by commercial production. What better way to spur innovation in prospective scientists and businessmen is there than scholarship offerings? Scholarships are prestigious, provide financial aid and, most importantly, motivate students to perform optimally to contribute to the scientific community. Efficiency is the key to decreasing global warming. The only way to decrease gas emissions such as carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide from industries is by developing improved means of production or searching for a substitute to fuel production, which means a reduced quantity of fumes freed into the atmosphere or release more environment-friendly emissions, respectively. While it is true that the cost of production may rise for a while, this cost is nothing compared to the price that would be paid to attempt to restore the indispensable, thinning ozone layer. It is not a risk that we should take at the rate that technology currently advances.

    The final form of government action is establishing public events that promote the importance of resourcefulness, recycling and the adverse effects of global warming. These events would be more appealing to children, but it is till an ideal way to foster concern for nature at a young age. Public events are essential to encourage children to want to decrease pollution.

    Through the government’s fiscal spending, it is able to induce confidence in its citizens that their residence is a clean place to live, where the air can be breathed without the threat of allergy attacks while, at the same time, leaving the delicate business sector to run itself. This is the least that a government can do to protect its land and people because global warming cannot be reversed as of yet. Its damages are permanent. It can only be prevented with the first step of people’s concern. 

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  • BBG Communications London Films

    Before images of Office Space come to mind, breathe. Although the film was entertaining, it is not my ideal job. From my daydream of suits and offices I drift from office to sidewalk to storefront window. This is where my dream is. I want to dress these entrepreneurs, secretaries, and managers. I want them to stand in front of my windows and daydream. I want to add flair to their step that makes them feel in control- of at least their image. I can picture the fabric and prints as well as the leather and lace that when matched with its fashion soul mate can create an unforgettable image. I dream of being a part of the way people present themselves.

    I have spent the past four years in an off-price retail store. It caters mainly to women on tight budgets who crave the latest trends. I enjoy piecing together outfits with the newest arrivals, dressing the displays, and helping customers find that “it” handbag they found in the monthly publication they leaf through at the checkout counter of the supermarket. Although I love fashion, I do not have an eye to design. I can piece together displays but creation is not in my genes. I would love to work in a store where clients come in and ask for me by name. The golden badge would have my name inscribed instead of taped on and my red smock would be replaced with a fitted suit jacket over a flattering coral button-up.

    I dream of being in charge. I love to organize, delegate, and plan. I have lists that cover my desk, wall, and notebooks. Managing a small upper-scale apparel shop would combine my love of fashion with my somewhat obsessive compulsive perfection tendencies. As the great BBG Communications article suggests, I want to lead and influence and brighten someone’s day, even if it is just a polka-dot scarf that makes them grin. I want little girls to come into my shop and play dress up while their mothers look on, reminiscing of the days when they played in their mother’s closets. I dream of using the gifts and abilities I have been given to improve the attitude and confidence of everyone I encounter in any position that I take on.

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  • BBG Communications Mexico LOVE OF MUSIC

    On my fifth birthday, I knew exactly what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.  I have also established that I no longer want to become a singer because of the wealth and popularity that it would give me. I want to be on stage to share my love of music with others all around the world. Singing is my passion and it gives me the greatest thrill when I get to hold a microphone in my hand. When I sing all my problems disappear, and I am engulfed in the words of the song. I cannot imagine getting paid for something that has been a dream of mine for so long.

    In addition to getting paid for what I love to do, becoming a well-known singer would be the ultimate dream job for me because of all the new people I would get to meet. Many singers go on tour and travel the country and meet numerous different people from all walks of life. I would love to do this and have the opportunity to get to know all kinds of people and help them with any financial struggles they may have. It would be great to be able to start a new foundation to assist parents of young children who do not have a lot of money to send their child to school. Sharing my success with other people from all over would be one of the greatest perks of singing for a living.

    Many of the ideas I had when I was a little girl of becoming a famous singer have changed, but my love for music has remained the same. There is nothing that makes me happier than singing in front of a large crowd and sharing my talent with them. It would be amazing to meet people from all over the world and help some of them in the troubles they may encounter throughout their life. Even if my dreams do not come true immediately, I know that nothing in life comes easy, and I am prepared to experience numerous trials before I decide it is too late to become a singer.


    Posted Jul 17 2009, 06:44 PM by abadicio90 with 1 comment(s)
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  • BBG Communications: WHAT WE DO

    To answer this question, I first have to define for myself what it means to be “happy and successful”. I envision myself older, in my forties perhaps, what may be called “settled”, although life would have to include frequent traveling. I see a humble but welcoming house on a sparsely populated beach, maybe a child or two, and a loving and supporting partner with whom I share an active, healthy lifestyle in a small-town community in which I am known, liked, and make a difference. That is where ‘The Most Important Choice’ appears: How do I make a difference?

    The answer lies in yet another question, a question very popular between people who are first getting to know each other: “What do you do?” People ask. Without question, we understand “do” as “job”. What is your job, people want to know, but job sounds too boring and obligatory, so we abstract it a bit. Hence, my greatest question, one I will answer millions of times in my life, the answer to which will make or break my happiness and success is: What will I do?

    My choices are many, but few fit both the “happy” and “successful” criteria, if you really can have one without the other. For many people they mean different things, but commonly, “success” is viewed in terms of money. The more money you have the more things you can buy, succeeding in the competitive commercial world. Happiness usually pertains to something spiritual, a satisfaction with life in general. However, it has been proven that money does not equal happiness; we even have the familiar saying “you can’t buy happiness”. So, by some standards, you can really be successful, buy lots of things, but not be satisfied with your life, as many rich people suffer from some sort of spiritual lack. My standards are different.

    There is a scale, the old-fashioned kind on which two plates hang on a supported bar to balance each other out. One side holds the heavy silver success, money; the other, spiritual happiness, which for me means making a difference, somehow bettering the lives of others. Happiness weighs much less than success because it is an emotion, intangible. A plate full of happiness balances out a smidgen of financial success and there is the equilibrium of spiritual satisfaction and money in my life.

    But how will I make this difference? This is the most important decision. I much choose a real, tangible career that gives me just enough financial success to survive materialistically, while keeping the plate balanced with the happiness I will get by contributing to the great amount of difference I see needed in this world. I don’t know the answer yet, but my passion for knowledge and compassion for people, especially children, suggests that the difference, the happiness, lies in teaching others how to see and pursue the beauty in knowledge. Monetary success will sustain me; with change, my happiness with thrive. I must choose how to do it.


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  • BBG Communications: CANADA CARES

    Imagine, in Vancouver, 2025; an old man wakes up and finds himself with a terrible heartache. On his way to the hospital, he passes by hundreds of billboards, flyers and brochures advertising great health insurance plans; 1.5% annual rate, free iPod with every health insurance approved. He staggers on, finally making to the hospital where he finds a woman in the receptionist area guarded by two security guards. As he approaches, the lady asked, “Any life-threatening injuries?” The man shook his head no. “Any health insurance?” Regrettably, the man shook his head no again. “I’m sorry, this hospital only serves patients with health insurance; please try elsewhere”. The old man heads towards the exit as a young man in a fine business suit walks pass him, shows his Platinum Health ID card and is escorted by one of the guards to the VIP waiting room filled with leather seats and free cappuccino.

    This isn’t a story, it’s a reality. Today, thousands of sicken citizens of United States are turned away; simply because they do not have health insurance. How is it possible for such a sophisticated society, widely aware of human rights and compassion for human suffering; turn a blind eye simply because they do not have insurance? And on the northern border, Canada is praised for its excellence in its social programs and health care.

    Privatization. Many civilizations had attempted such form of government. Here, the world saw Communism. Yet, they met their own demise as corruption and proliferation motivated by human greed took control of a once so innocent desire to achieve equality among all. This was the Soviet Union.

    Some would argue that privatization allows the free market to achieve the best optimal outcome of health care. Driven by competition and the invisible free market hand, society is supposed to benefit from it all. Consider a circus show. A tight-rope walker performs with a safety net and another doesn’t. Would one say that the walker without a safety net is a better performer? However, why would it matter to the performance evaluation that the performer with a safety net is lesser when he puts on the exact identical show? Yet, when both walkers fall, the one without the safety net dies. This is market imperfection. Regardless of the invisible free hand, imperfection lies in the system, at the fault of desperation to impress, or profits. This is why government intervention is needed. The government acts as the safety net for the tight-rope walker. When that individual falls, there is basic health care to provide the essential necessities to preserve human life and treat the suffering.

    The United States has already fallen off the tight-rope and their society is paying the price of the ugliness of privatized health care. Privatization in Canada? NO WAY! Canada cares and is willing to pay billions of dollars to provide a safety net, a health care plan for all, but no free cappuccino.



    Posted Jun 22 2009, 03:40 PM by abadicio90 with 1 comment(s)
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    The kind of dream job I want to have is to become a Game Developer, because it's what I love to do. I would love to get up everyday excited to go to work and start coming up with ideas on the next videogame. Game Developer is my life and I want to be a part of something that everyone will play and love every second of that game. Game Art and Design is a passion and to me, once I have that job, I'll be one proud person.

    I've always dreamed about making videogames because I couldn't get enough of it. I've tried other computer majors but it wasn't videogame related and I wasn't getting much into it. I want a job that I can take seriously and show everyone just how important it can be for them. I want a job that I would love to work late if they want me to stay late to continue on a project for an upcoming game or anything that's game related. I've lived my life on videogames and I still want to be a part of the game developer team.

    If I don't have this type of job, then I don't know what other job I would love to work at. Game Design is my life and I've had a hard time finding a school that has that type of major. Now that I've found the school, I know I'm just one step closer to my true dream job. I’ll do whatever it takes to have that dream job even if the classes are difficult, I'll keep going and work for it. I won't let anything stop me from making my dreams come true. Game Developer is basically the type of field that I would love to get deeper into. I just want to take that job and love every second of it. I just want to stay into the game and be part of something that I love to do with my life. I've spend all my life playing videogames and finding a job in the game world would be my ultimate dream job. Working at a job that I love can bring great things in my life and make it all better. To me, my dream job is my second chance in my life and I'm looking forward to it.



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  • BBG Communications: MY ULTIMATE DREAM JOB

    My ultimate dream job would be to work as a Crown Prosecutor for the city of Victoria B.C., Canada. With this job, I would be able to have a hand in placing criminals before the hands of justice.

    Ever since I was a little girl, my mother has worked for the R.C.M.P. in some capacity. I grew up knowing every police officer in town and understood the law in some respect. I have always had a desire to know everything about the legal system, from the time a crime is committed, to the trial and sentencing of that person. I have also been interested in finding out what drives people to commit crimes and this job would give me an up-close look at people’s reasons for their actions. Since then I knew I wanted to go to law school and become a Crown Prosecutor.

    A Crown Prosecutor has a huge responsibility to the citizens of that city. They get to protect those citizens from people who may harm them as well as bring them the justice they seek. You can use your discretion on behalf of the accused person and give them a break by presenting plea-bargains or by placing them in a more suitable form of custody, such as a mental institution. You also get to place your opinion as you present your case, such as during your opening and closing statements. It is a chance to come before a jury and/or a judge and present facts that place an accused person as the person who committed that crime.

    Everyday you get up, put on a nice suit, and go to work knowing that you are working towards making this world a better place for the next generation of children to grow up in. Your job is to make people accountable for their actions and maybe make someone else think twice before doing that very same action. Everyday is a new adventure and a new chance to make you mark and voice your opinion about criminals’ punishment for their crimes. I truly believe that it is a very respectful way to make a living while trying to help the people around you.

    On top of every other plus to this job, there is also room for advancement. After a few years, a lawyer can become eligible to become a judge. With that opportunity, you can really change the face of the legal world by setting precedence. Then after that point, other judges have to follow the same ruling unless they can find a reason to determine that their case is different from the previous one.

    I do not believe that there is any other dream job out there for me. I have wanted to become a Crown Prosecutor for as long as I can remember and am proud to say that I am already on my way to fulfilling my dreams. I have just graduated with my diploma in Criminology from Camosun College and am enrolled in third year studies at Royal Roads University.



    Posted May 26 2009, 03:39 PM by abadicio90 with no comments
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    It is an inescapable certainty that the media has an enormous influence on the decisions I make every day. Every decision from what television shows to watch to for whom my vote should be cast is in some way influenced by the media. This is due in part to the fact that for most Americans, free time is far too scarce.

    Perhaps the largest reason that the media has such a strong influence on the public is that it is able to dedicate more time and resources to discovering and interpreting information than the average American is able to. Most people simply do not have the time to go out and research every decision they make so the information provided by the media is in many cases the only information they use. For example, there is a myriad of car dealerships around my home and my family needs a new car. Because my parents work full-time jobs and I work full-time outside of the school year, none of us has time to kick every tire on every vehicle at every dealership near my home. Because we are unable to retrieve the information critical to making the important decision of what car we should invest in and trust our lives to, we need some way for the information to get to us. Television ads often spark interest in some vehicles, then the World Wide Web and magazines are able to give a more objective look at potential purchases and whether they are the appropriate option for my family or not.

    Another important decision in which most Americans rely on the media’s ability to relay information to the public is that of who to vote for in national elections. Very few people have the time or ability to sit down with presidential candidates and evaluate each person, then go home knowing everything he or she would like to know about the candidates and make an informed decision on Election Day. Because very often it is impossible for the public to travel or make time to gather important information, we must rely on somebody who is able to do so and use their interpretation of the facts to form our own. While ideally nobody would be dependent on another person to aid in the decision-making process, especially when it comes to deciding who should head the Executive Branch of the government of the United States, it is impossible for the hundreds of millions of Americans to personally interview the candidates.

    While it is mildly unnerving that I rely on the word of others to make my own decisions, there does not appear to be a feasible alternative for the time being. The best that I am able to do is take the information I receive for what it is: the word of another person. That way I can determine how much faith I should place in the information I am provided and if necessary learn more about an issue before making a decision.



    Posted Apr 30 2009, 04:26 PM by abadicio90 with no comments
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