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The BBG Communications blog is kind of something I invented. I thought it would be interesting to discuss through different communication techniques things that I am interested in. I like to look at new job opps, classic car stuff, and sports.

July 2010 - Posts


    There is not one choice which, by itself, conclusively produces happiness. At many pivotal points in a person’s life, he or she must come to a distinct decision that will have ramifications far into his or her future. These decisions are somewhat obvious because they come with great anxiety, for one can not possibly know all the repercussions that such decisions will have on one’s life. However, I believe that it is not these “great” decisions that have the most impact on one’s life, but the smaller, less noticeable choices which all of us make every day. In short, this smaller choice which we must continually make is the choice of integrity.

    We are defined by the sum of our choices. It is that defining, that shaping of our character that cuts the path in life through which we walk. Often the more significant decisions we make are the byproduct of “lesser” choices. Our character and our choices work in harmony: our character making our choices and our choices defining our character, a union which cannot be estranged.

    Integrity is, as defined by The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, “steadfast adherence to a strict moral or ethical code.” In layman’s terms, it is doing the right thing even when no one is looking. Every day, through our speech and our actions, we are faced with this choice of integrity. Every day we can either choose to remain steadfast or choose the easier, less painful route.

    The most difficult facet of integrity is that it is an internal rather than an external choice. Often, there is no outward sign of this noble deed, just a sort of quiet satisfaction that remains in one’s inner self. Thus, it is far too easy not to adhere to our ethics, not to remain steadfast in the face of moral adversity.

    It is only through pain that one can have joy, and only through sorrow that one can have rejoicing. And so, it is the pain and sorrow of integrity through which happiness and success have their birth. For one to attain any measure of success in his or her life, he or she must constantly pass the inner test of integrity. One can not have true happiness when success is reached through dishonest gain and true success does not negate happiness. For the pride of success is stolen by the shame of deceit. Most certainly it is true that in the end we become the sum of our choices.

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