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The BBG Communications blog is kind of something I invented. I thought it would be interesting to discuss through different communication techniques things that I am interested in. I like to look at new job opps, classic car stuff, and sports.

March 2010 - Posts

  • BBG Communications Game

    Enrique is at the top of the key with three seconds left on the clock. His team is down by two. He jabs right, goes left, steps back behind the arc, shoots, and scores!

    Ever since I was in eighth grade I have been in love with Basketball. To me it is more than just a hobby or a game as it is to most people. Basketball means so much to me that it makes it so hard for me to even describe the role it plays in my life. That is why Basketball is my Dream.

    One of the reasons I came to fall in love with Basketball is simply because toward the end of my seventh grade year, I would go to the gym everyday and work on dribbling, shooting and different moves. It was to my advantage that I lived a block away from the school and that the new principal that year came to like me. I owe a lot to her because in sixth grade I was home two minutes after we got out. Now I found myself getting home between six and eight o’clock on average. One night I remember the principal stayed late and I did not get home until about ten forty five. My grandmother and dad were worried sick.

    I remember in eighth grade, when our team was down by three and the coach asked which one of us wanted to take the shot. I knew it should have been me because I felt I was the best shooter on the team. They gave the shot to our point guard. Unfortunately, we lost the game by three because he never got the shot off. I went home that night and beat up on my wall, wishing I had said something to the coach before he did. I had hesitated and I feel it cost us the game. That night I felt motivated to not only make up for my mistake but to get ready for my chance at that shot.

    Basketball is my refuge. It is where I go to if I need an answer to a problem, or just to calm my mind. Everyone turns to something or someone when they have a problem. I turn to Basketball. When I am playing I get so wrapped up that I lose track of everything. Time and troubles no longer exist in my life. I feel untouchable and unbeatable. Basketball is like my sense of security. It lets me know that whatever problem I have in my life at the time, it is going to be all right, and that ultimately, I am going to be all right.

    I feel I am as close to Basketball as I am to some friends and family members and maybe closer than some of those individuals. I feel that we have a covenant that shall forever remain in each other’s hearts. I know it will always remain in mine.


    Posted Mar 02 2010, 06:08 PM by abadicio90 with no comments
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