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The BBG Communications blog is kind of something I invented. I thought it would be interesting to discuss through different communication techniques things that I am interested in. I like to look at new job opps, classic car stuff, and sports.

February 2010 - Posts


    Like most people, I will likely try one job at a time, but how to choose? I have so many interests and talents: such as singing, cooking, styling hair, doing makeovers, web design, learning how computers work, and the one job I am very interested in doing, Fashion Design.

    Fashion Design is creative for the creative minds. If you have your heart set on a design for clothes this is a perfect chance to show it. I love designing and making outfits look the way I want them to be. I am unique; everyone is and they are looking for their own style and taste in fashion. I would love to be able to help people find a style right for them and that suits their own personality. We all are different and this is the way we mostly show it.

    Fashion Designers work wonders in designing clothes. I would love to have my own fashion line of something you would never see in stores from hats to purses and shirts to pants and more. There are many styles out there; some odd and some everyone wants to wear, but we all have a different taste. There are styles such as punk, preppy, sporty, and casual. I want to take those styles to a different level and mix and match. I want anything, but an ordinary style.

    I want to give bigger women and baby boys a style of their own. I know there is never a good stylish selection for bigger women other than ‘plain and boring’. It's the same with baby boys; they only have maybe a rack or two of baby clothes in the stores while the baby girls have like ten. I want to give them all a style they can have fun with.

    I want to be a Fashion Designer. That is my dream job. I plan on fulfilling that dream soon. I will have the style coming out on people and it will be the greatest dream I have waited for. It will be the greatest GOAL I will achieve, even though now it's still just a dream.


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