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The BBG Communications blog is kind of something I invented. I thought it would be interesting to discuss through different communication techniques things that I am interested in. I like to look at new job opps, classic car stuff, and sports.

January 2010 - Posts

  • BBG Communications says "The Government Must Act"

    To fulfill the luxuries and necessities of mankind, pollutants must be added to the atmosphere, but what can be done to reduce the amount of pollutants which compound global warming? To maintain a strong economy, producers have no choice but to manufacture goods and provide services for consumption, so, inevitably, the responsibility to curtail pollution is left to the government. Through the implementation of environmental protection policies, the expansion of scholarship funds for those pursuing a career in green house gas emission and waste management and the creation of public events geared towards improving the health of the outdoor locale, it is possible to prevent global warming.

    The first component of government action requires various policies that reduce waste. A by-law that fines those over the age of six caught littering would teach citizens to clean up after themselves. Closer inspection of water systems would decrease the likelihood of water-borne contamination, thereby benefiting the vegetation surrounding water beds and decreasing the acidity of the soil of which, if the acidity were too high, plants would not properly thrive. The only complication that arises from the heightened surveillance required to issue fines is security personnel, but this problem is fixable as it would mean job opportunities for the unemployed. In addition, as a misdemeanor, the sentence of juvenile delinquents should be a certain number of hours of community service; service in which garbage picking or any other public maintenance is the basic punishment?25 hours for minor thefts and 50 hours for property damage.

    The second action that can be taken is investing in educational research pertaining to the regulation of waste management as well as the control and decrease of smoke caused by commercial production. What better way to spur innovation in prospective scientists and businessmen is there than scholarship offerings? Scholarships are prestigious, provide financial aid and, most importantly, motivate students to perform optimally to contribute to the scientific community. Efficiency is the key to decreasing global warming. The only way to decrease gas emissions such as carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide from industries is by developing improved means of production or searching for a substitute to fuel production, which means a reduced quantity of fumes freed into the atmosphere or release more environment-friendly emissions, respectively. While it is true that the cost of production may rise for a while, this cost is nothing compared to the price that would be paid to attempt to restore the indispensable, thinning ozone layer. It is not a risk that we should take at the rate that technology currently advances.

    The final form of government action is establishing public events that promote the importance of resourcefulness, recycling and the adverse effects of global warming. These events would be more appealing to children, but it is till an ideal way to foster concern for nature at a young age. Public events are essential to encourage children to want to decrease pollution.

    Through the government’s fiscal spending, it is able to induce confidence in its citizens that their residence is a clean place to live, where the air can be breathed without the threat of allergy attacks while, at the same time, leaving the delicate business sector to run itself. This is the least that a government can do to protect its land and people because global warming cannot be reversed as of yet. Its damages are permanent. It can only be prevented with the first step of people’s concern. 

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